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There are various kinds of personal computers presently available, how do we determine which one fits your needs? The solution to this is based on what you want to make use of your computer for and the number of tasks you must do simultaneously. This is a rough help guide to the kind of computer you have to accomplish common tasks:

Mini Netbook

Well suited for word-processing and internet browsing although on the go

Not too well suited for gaming applications because these typically want more processing power, although should you only desire to play Solitaire or a few of the other games included in Microsoft Home windows, these should work all right.


Well suited for business users who require to handle multiple tasks at the same time, i.e. delivering emails, writing presentations and writing reports for instance.

Not too well suited for gaming applications or running applications requiring great processing power, i.e. a lot of data analysis simultaneously.


Well suited for processor intensive applications for example on the internet and knowledge analysis, in addition to other things that isn’t appropriate usage for netbooks or laptops.

Not too well suited for somebody that must access data on the go or who does not cash space to keep a pc.

You will find, obviously, bigger kinds of computing devices systems that are meant for use by large companies and organisations, for example mainframe computers.

For people, however, among the above three hardware types ought to be well suited for many of their computing needs, whether or not they are running their very own business or if they’re simply home users who enjoy surfing the web and playing some games.

It’s worth mentioning here though that business users who are preparing to travel a great deal should most likely buy a laptop as opposed to a netbook, for a few reasons:

Laptops cause you to look much more professional than having a netbook.

Laptops have bigger screens than netbooks, and therefore if the necessity to show someone an exhibition arises, they’re going to have an simpler time studying the screen and comprehending the relevant information.

Anybody attempting to write a magazine though for instance, or whose jobs are mostly word processing, they might be best having a netbook because of their very lengthy battery existence, usually 8 hrs or even more.

Selecting the best computer for you personally will help you enjoy what today’s technology provides. Overall, it’s important to note that many people may require both a laptop/netbook along with a desktop machine, based on their computing needs, for instance if a person wanted on the internet in your own home, and traveling with a laptop when abroad.